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Thursday, April 29, 2004

I haven't posted in forever - mainly because I haven't had a phone. And now I have one, but I am going away. I'm getting married!!!! I can;t believe it myself, but yes, I'm marrying a guy a dated for awhile. He moved away, but we kept in touch. We got engaged over Christmas, and we will be joining our families in early June. No big thing, just a trip to Gatlinburg and we'll have a "family honeymoon" with the 5 kids we'll have between us. I guess I'm finally getting a son!! and another daughter. So now I'll have two teenagers, and kids in grades 3,2,and 1. Amazing.

So for the three of you who used to read here, God Bless. I don't forsee having much time to do anything, what with moving to Nashville and settling in, getting to know my step-kids, and all that. I wish I could keep a journal of all that, but maybe we'll get internet access and I'll be back someday.

And a big shout out to my best friend who has recently come back on-line at my urging. And here I am saying good-bye to the on-line world again. Though this time of my own choosing.

Well, I have to say goodbue to my sweetie and send him back across state lines, then off to work.....

Sunday, August 03, 2003

In 5 days all of my kids will be in school. All day. Every day. I know alot of moms sending their last kid to Kindergarten are probably sad. But I am overjoyed!!! On days I don't have school or work I can clean (and have it stay that way 'till at least 3:00pm), I can watch whatever I want on TV, or listen to whatever I want on the radio, take a shower, use the bathroom, or just take a nap without anybody pounding on the door and whining.

I love my kids - I really do, it's just that for the last three plus years I've been raising them alone, and rarely had any time to myself. And the summer has been VERY long for me. What with moving and being sick and all, I just want some time to myself, where I can just be myself and not mom or lab lady.

Speaking of the lab... they have closed "my lab" and moved us all to the main hospital. Which I think is very ill-planned. Yes, we are moving, so is our equipment for the most part, but the lab at the main hospital is already cramped. It also means that I'll probably have to start drawing labs again instead of just running them. Bummer. I'd rather sit behind a bench all day than try to find veins in a dehydrated old man going through DTs. Oh well, at least it's a job, and the benefits are pretty good. The nurses drew most of the labs at the hospital I was working at, still will actually. Now they will tube them to us, and if the tubes are down then they'll put them in a special lock box where we'll come and get them. And labs that can't be tubed will go in the lock box all the time. Just like splitting the intensive care nursery between two hospitals, I wonder who the brain trust is tat thinks of these things.

Next I guess the pharmacy will go. I mean, why have tow pharmacies when we have a tube system? Oh well. At least I won't have to ride the tram over when I go to get lunch anymore, and my best friend works in the neonatal nursery, so she spends half of her work days at the main campus anyway. And she's right down the hall instead of two floors up, so I'm sure we'll find lots of trouble to get into together.

Well, we're off to bed. Open house at school tomorrow, not to mention marathon cleaning since the ex is supposed to stop by this week to be there for my baby's first day of school. (Yes, that is the sound of me gagging.....)

Monday, July 14, 2003

Welcome back me. Yeah, it's been a long time.

To update - kiddos surgery went OK, I'm still alive, moving again, and what else, still unsure of what to do with the whole school thing.

No phone again - just can't afford it. The past couple of months have been rough financially for us, but we're still alive and relatively healthy, so what more could we ask for?

I'm incredibly tired. Coming off of methotrexate therapy for the Lupus thing. That's why I've been away - the chemo is just so draining and the energy I do have I give to my kids. I have been on-line a bit, just no energy to do anything at all on my own. Pointing and clicking is one thing, typing is QUITE another.

I need to re-do this whole blog - alot of my links are dead. I hate that. And I'm tired of the way it looks. I've never been out for alot of readers, just kinda doing this to do it. But I'd at least like to like it for myself (make any sense?)

So, maybe I'll actually come back and take care of this baby. It would be a shame to lose it, just when things might start to turn around for us. I did manage to get my friend hooked on blogging. Sort of. She reads different blogs when I'm over with my 'puter - she doesn't have internet access here - and she is getting over her whole "the internet is evil" thing. She thinks it's interesting, and says if she ever gets on-line she might just do one herself.

Other news - lost a cat today. Took him via car to the new place. He got out of his cage and is now missing. So if anyone in the area of SW Huntsville sees a HUGE black cat, possibly wearing a blue collar with tags, possibly now (he takes it off all the time), please email me!!! He's very sweet - his name is "Spooky" but, as a cat, he doesn't answer to it. He is used to being outside, but since this is a new neighborhood he doesn't know where home is supposed to be. I'm so sad......

Good thing for today: Managed to get two other cats and both birds to new place without further problems.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003


My dog ate the powercord to my laptop. Really. She did. So I ordered another one and it just got here. And I'm so happy to be back on my poor little laptop again. This thing is ancient (as computers go) and it really slow and cd drive only works on Thursdays when there's a full moon, but it's MINE and I love it. Until I can afford a new one anyway.

My oldest child is going under the knife after school lets out in a couple of weeks. Again. Hope this time will be alot easier than this time. But I'll still worry and worry and worry. Hey, I'm a mom.

My house is dump. I have been really depressed lately (not at all like me) and have zero motivation to do anything. A friend of mine came over last week and helped me clean up - she did the baseboards and washed the carpet and cleaned all the kiddos' toys. We both work at the hospital, our kids are roughly the same age, and go to the same schools, but we didn't meet until a couple of months ago when we were in a support group for parents of children with emotional problems. So it's nice to have a firend who understands. And so I've been hanging out with her when kids, schedules, and life in general permits.

No other news here. Just chugging along as usual.

Good thing for today: Oldest child still does not have learners permit. Was going to go today, but cancelled due to horrid weather.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

That's Life

Well, the country is at war, my parents are re-living the 60's (my dad just phoned to tell me about all the "harmony" and "unity" he felt at a protest in Dublin today. Sheesh.) and they are coming down on me because I *gasp* actually support the war, or at least the troops fighting it, and honestly I'll be glad to see a nice democracy set up over there and the children not starving.

Anyway, my life sucks right now, but I don't want to deal with it. It's 9:30 on the Thursday before spring break starts, and I work the next four days straight.

But in some great news, Daniel Jackson is coming back to SG-1, so in honor him I present......

And though I mourn the loss of Farscape, there are worse things going on in the world than the loss of a TV show. But if you're a praying kind of person, pray for the troops and pray for me and my little ones. If you're not, send some happy thoughts my way (and cash donations are always appreciated).

Good thing for today: No American lives lost.