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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

DSL back up - hooray!! After doing nothing all day except trying to get DSL to work. One more hour till quitting time. Oh well. I'm off tomorrow due to Quant final.

Big plans for tonight: cook supper, watch tv and study study study. Kids are going to bed early - once the thunder stroms pass anyway. They won't sleep when it's thundering out. I don't push it - I was afraid of thunder as a little kid too. Plus I enjoy snuggling with the little buggers.

Good thing for today: DSL working!!!

First day back at work this week. Doing nothing since DSL seems to be down. Still no phone at home but am changing phone companies so will be about a week anyway. Still very broke - out of dogfood and bread. Soon will be out of everything else. Payday tomorrow, Food Stamps on Sunday, so we will EAT soon!!! I just realize how bad dogfood and bread sounds - no I don't make the kids dogfood sandwiches. But I don't have anything for the dog or the kids to eat.

Organic final last night which I boycotted studying for since I'm already signed up to take the class again this summer. I either did GREAT on it or bombed miserably. Most likely the latter.

Youngest child got a tick on the neck Saturday. Totally freaked out and now is afraid to go outside due to ticks because they suck out blood. Was very brave about getting it removed though - smothered it in Isopropyl alcohol and vaseline then pulled it out. My mom keeps insiting the child has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Or Lyme disease. Not really likely since the tick wasn't in long enough or deep enough, but I'm keeping an eye on everything.

Middle child had to go home from school - kept falling asleep in class. I think it's 1/2 depression and 1/2 mono. Poor kid. Oh well, will probably come home to totally happy and normal acting, although well rested kindergardener. Oldest child spent the night with a friend last night so had a peaceful evening at home with the little ones.

Quant final tomorrow. LAST ONE!!!!! woohoo! Though I sold my book Friday to put gas in my car. Oh well, I will study for this one, probably will go over to mom's if I need to get on-line. Watched Gladiator last night. Cried alot - what a sad movie.

Good thing for the weekend: House MUCH cleaner and kitchen is spotless. Also cooked creatively promting kids to say I'm the bestest cook in the world and want tuna noodles every night.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Last work day this week - micro final this morning which I did NOT study for at all. Fell asleep on the couch before the kids even went to bed.

At least micro is OVER!!!! I really loved the class, but didn't have time to devote to it. Next semester I promise I'll be a better student (scout's honor!)

This will be the last day I post this week unless I go over to mom's or can borrow a phone line somewhere. This has become an addiction, and I wonder if I'll go through withdrawls????

Good thing of the day: MICRO IS OVER!!!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Work today. Did OK on the ethics final - guess that means I'm ethical now? One final down, three to go.

Stupid sinus infection headache - can't do squat today. Fortunately my boss is out of town so slow progress updating web site will be attributed to other factors.

Stopped by bank to straighten out car payment mess - basically I've paid the total of almost 5 car payments this year - I paid ahead in January and talked this over with them so I wouldn't have to worry about it during school. They now say I haven't paid at all. Grrrrr. After getting cancelled checks and bouncing between two different people, they told me that I was still behind and my car would be repossessed if I didn't bring it fully up-to-date. How much, you ask, were they going to repossess my car over??? What vast sum of money did they demand? $7.80. That's right - SEVEN DOLLARS and EIGHTY CENTS. I'm tempted to pay it in pennies. I have until 5pm tomorrow. I know I have 780 pennies laying around. Should keep the kids busy too while I study.

Still no progress on the phone front. Still no progress with the apartment people. Calling the Better Business Bureau both here and in Atlanta on Monday. (About the apartment, not the phone).

Good thing of today: First final OVER!!!! Also got to laugh at bank people (perverse pleasure)

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Back at mom's again to just get a moment to myself after spending all day in lab. Ethics final tomorrow and Micro final Friday. Organic final and Quant final next week. It will be so great to have a couple of days off work to relax and decompress after these finals. I will be SOOOOOO glad when this semester is over. I basically goofed off the first half of the semester, and everybody's been sick the second half, so I never got caught up in anything.

My grades are going to suck and at this point I don't even care. I'm just exhausted. I think next year I'll cut my courseload a bit since I'll have two more years to go anyway due to the stupid way they scheduled two of the courses I have to have to graduate.

Boy Meets World is on the TV now - I hate this show.

Really really tired right now Think I'll take a nap til time to pick up the kiddos at church.

Good think of the day: Last Quant Lab EVER!!!!!!!

Checking email from my mom's house - phone still off an now cable's out too. Though the cable is out due to apt switching companies, but sheesh. My mornings go much smoother when my kids can watch TV while eating. without TV they cry and moan about getting up. With the TV onthey stare blankly while they shovel breakfast down and then they're ready to get dressed. Nominations for worst mother of the year anyone?

I'm off to school then hopefully home to study for a bit since finals start TOMORROW!!! ARGHHHH!

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

If I were in the habit of cursing today would surely bring it out of me.

Woke up this morning to find that my phone had been cut off. Once I got to work I called the phone company and they were like "Well, we know you aren't past due but we won't cut it back on until the payment you mailed last Friday posts to your account." Great. Apartment people still jerking me around concerning the pet deposit.

AND to top it all off, my 5-year-old told me last night the reason Daddy is in jail is because he made bad pictures. Then I got a lovely demonstration with Fisher-Price people how one goes about taking bad pictures. So we do have memories. I don't bring the subject up with the kiddos, and the investigators didn't find anything, but I have long suspected he turned my youngest kids into porn stars. Since he pled guilty to distributing and possesing child pornography his case is closed and the investigators are off catching more perverts. But I would love some answers.

Never finished paper. Fell asleep about 10pm on the couch typing it, and now won't be able to email it. Lupus flare getting worse. And work sucks today.

The happy thought for today - my youngest child brought me flowers this morning and said I was the best mommy ever.

Monday, April 22, 2002

Massive paper due in the morning and yet here I am. I can't stay up all night though - I'm too old for consecutive all-nighters anymore. That and if I don't take something for this horrendous headache my head will explode. Better living through chemistry.

Apartment management still a hassle. Took my receipt from paying my pet deposit (dated September 9, 2000) and they claim they have no record of it, they said they must have applied it toward rent. So then I demanded my $250 rent credit and then they said they'd have to call corporate office because they probably had the pet deposit form on file there. So I got the number for corporate office in Atlanta and called - their listed number in the phone book is a fax machine. Called directory assistance and no answer on that number. If I could afford a lawyer I'd really be a b*tch. Of course if I could afford a lawyer I'd probably be getting child support and wouldn't have to be on frigging welfare and live in this dump. I could probably also cut back on my work hours and spend more time with the kiddos.

On another sunny note (insert sarcastic look) found out my food stamps are being cut off again because my school didn't return some form in time. And my lupus is flaring again - stress maybe?

The good thing of the day: last Organic Chemistry lab EVER!!!!!!

It's 3:30am and I'm writing a lab report on caffeine - and ironically I can't stay awake.
I'll probably work on it tomorrow afternoon and email it to my prof. Ahh - I love technology. "Back in my day" when I was actually college age, most institutions didn't have email, forget about instructors.

Stupid make money on the internet infomercial is on and I'm so unmotivated I won't even get up and grab the remote to change it. Pretty bad, huh?

Anybody want a dog for a few weeks? I need to hide one of my dogs for a few days until the managers at my apt. forget about me and start bugging somebody else. Apparently one of my kids let him out and he ran around without his leash and some lady got freaked out and said he was trying to attack her. Yeah - if she was afraid of being licked to death. I don't walk him without a leash, but he's still a puppy (lab/weimer mix) and so he's kinda hyper and still only obeys about 80% of the time if off the leash. He's also huge. Seven months ago I found him in a dumpster - he was so tiny I could hold him in both hands. I didn't imagine he'd get this big, but I love him and won't give him up because of my dumb-ass apartment managers.

Besides - he's the only man in my life right now.


God it's late - and here I am doing my homework, or wishing I wasn't doing it.

I hate my apartment.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

I think somebody here is trying to get us thrown out. Two days ago I got a notice there was too much trash around my balcony and would either have to clean it up or pay a fee and vacate. Even though it wasn't my trash, I cleaned it up (I do have kids and they do sometimes drop stuff, and I do smoke and can't prove the butts weren't mine) and so didn't haave to pay the fee.

Today I got a notice that I am in violation of my lease because I haven't paid the pet deposit (I have) and I have till 3pm tomorrow to pay $250 or vacate. I also have to provide shot records for my dog (which I can't find) and I have 2 lab reports and a test tomorrow. I DON'T need this aggravation. I have like $6.00 in the bank until the first, and on top of all that I'm still down with this stupid sinus infection.

My lease is up in July, but I can't afford to move. Plus I like the schools here and this is the only apartments that accept Section8 in this school district. I just wonder who wants us out so bad.

Whenever something bad happens I tell my kids that means something good must be just around the corner, but I'm having a hard time believing that myself.

The joy of sleeping late!

The joy of waking up to my upstairs neighbors fighting!

At least they waited until 9am to start in. They're door-slammers. I always know it's going to be an interesting day when I wake up to slamming doors. It goes something like this:

Master bath door slams. Slams again. Master closet door slams. MBR door slams. Laundry room door, MBR again. MBR again, stomping down hall. Both kids' room doors. Second kid's twice more. More hall stomping and various doors slamming. Front door. Yelling and stomping in hall/foyer/breezeway. Car doors slamming. Peace and quiet.

I actually have really nice neighbors but they have shared custody of a small herd of elephants disguised as elementary school children.

This is one of the reasons I decided to live downstairs. I'm sure my kids would annoy the heck out of anyone below us.

They're back....

Front door now kitchen cabinets.

Screaming in hall.

It's going to be a long day.

Today was a BLD - bad lupus day. Weather mst be changing. I sure hope so - it's been too dern hot for April, even here in the mid south.

My eldest child wants a chameleon. Showed me some stuff on the web and there's a guy locally selling stuff that I have been ordered to contact. All I need is another animal in the house.

Anything good on TV tonight? Nope. Just can't sleep and bored as heck - stupid sinus meds keeping me up.

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Nuts - I am going NUTS!!!!!

My kids WILL NOT STOP fighting.

My boss is worse than my kids.

And I have a horrible sinus infection so I feel horrible and my kids are driving me NUTS!!!!!

Bitch, moan, bitch, moan. Back to life.....

So I should be working on my homework - but I'm doing THIS instead. I have procrastination down to a science.

And speaking of science - why am I majoring in Chemistry? What was I thinking? I'm in my 30's - I have a job - I have kids - I have pets - I have car payments and rent payments and bills and a life. What am I doing in college anyway?

It's like one of those bad dreams where you dream you are back in high school. All of the kids are so, well, young. Was I ever that young? I get invited to parties and study sessions, but I never go. I feel like their mom or something. Weird. Last week my oldest child turned 14. I'm not OLD enough to have a 14 year old. Where did the time go?

I have a love/hate relationship with my job. Basically I hate it that I don't get paid squat, but I love it that when I graduate I can get a real job. Oh yeah, THAT'S why I'm in college - I have kids to support and I make less than a burger-flipper does per hour. I guess when you get old the mind is the first thing to go.
Guess I'll go fill out that AARP application now.....