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Friday, November 22, 2002

Still Around

Yes, I'm still among the living. But since I have no phone and no ISP right now I'm having to get on-line when and where I can. Like right now I'm at the old job filling in since the bug going around has hit them. I've already had it (thanks, kiddos) so I came in to earn some extra cash. And this is the first Friday I've had off in a awhile.

I've been a very bad student this past month - I don't think I've been to a class, except for tests, since the end of October. I am so unmotivated. Mostly I'm just depressed I guess, though that's nothing new with things the way they are. Time to snap out of it. Hopefully this week I'll be putting up links to my kiddos' wish lists on amazon. This is mostly for the sake of the grandparents and various far-off relatives, but if you're not in the above categories you can still share in the Christmas Joy!! Feel free to, as a matter of fact.

In other news, middle child was diagnosed as having ADHD, then proceeded to utterly fail the hearing screen at school. We have significant hearing loss in one ear, moderate in the other. Most likely due to some of the drugs(many antibiotics are ototoxic) and ear infections we've had. So we probably are not ADHD, it's just we can't hear the teacher and we have to talk loud so we can hear ourselves. Our hearing aids will be ready next week. Oldest came home drunk one day - VERY drunk. Aside from not being allowed to see the particular people we got drunk with anymore, we puked for hours and had a horendous hangover that lasted for two days. And, ironically, those were the days I decided to vacuum and clean the carpet in that room, and made bacon for dinner, fish for supper, etc. We have vowed to never ever drink again. Tee hee. Youngest is doing great. Even beginning to read a little. I think middle child's reading will improve once we can hear. So not a great week, but not terrible either.

Sorry I haven't been around more. Lots of blogworthy things have been going on, just no time and/or opportunity. As my new buddy at work often tells me, "This too shall pass." Sadly, she will be moving when L&D moves to the "new" Women's and Children's hospital next month, and they have decided that I'm staying at main lab instead of going over there to stat lab. Though I like what I do now.

Good thing for the day/week/month: Still have A's in two classes, and holding on the a C in the other.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

They're growing up TOO fast!!

I'm at the old job today doing the books. I have no life, or else I'd be out living it. Anyway, oldest is at a drama competition all day, middle one is at a sleepover, and youngest is on a playdate. All without mommy. Now I know I leave them at school during the week, but it just seems weird that my kids have plans. They're too little to have plans. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing them home from the hospital and sitting by their basinets watching them breathe.

My oldest child will graduate from high school in 2.5 years. Class ring order forms went home Friday. CLASS RINGS!!! My baby is getting a class ring. Not possible. Wasn't it just last night I was preparing a PB&J sandwich, cut diagonally and removing the crust because that was all the kid would eat. Didn't I just send in the Power Rangers backpack with two extra changes of clothes "just in case" we had an accident at naptime (we never did).

My middle child is reading now. Actually reading books with words and understanding them. Forget bedtime stories. Now we want to curl up on our own bed with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and read to ourselves. Didn't we just read Goodnight Moon last night? And going camping with scouts? When did this happen? Weren't we just taking our first steps yesterday?

My youngest is four. And a half. Still a baby in my eyes, especially with a teenager in the house. But even this one is growing up too fast. We still like to cuddle with mom. But I know as soon as I blink even thisone will be asking me to borrow the keys.

One cute story: We went Trick-or-Treating around the 'hood and at ever house my youngest asked whoever answered the door if they were married. Then we went to the mall and the stores were handing out candy. So youngest asked all the store clerks the same question. In the car on the way to church my child says, "Mom, I found out something. People who live in houses are married, and people who live at the mall aren't married." You gotta love this kid.

On the divorce front: Ex has decided to come for a visit. This will be the first time he's seen these kids in 3 years. 3 years today, as a matter of fact. I doubt he'll show, based on past experience, so I haven;t even told them he's coming. I don't have a phone right now so it's not like he can call when I'm not home. He also wants to do paternity tests on the younger two "just to make sure". Maybe I'll borrow a couple of friends' kids and take them to the paternity test instead. I just can't describe the emotions I have right now - but they can pretty much be summed up as HOW DARE HE! Oh, well.

Good thing for today: Still have tons of Smarties and mini-candy bars left to calm my emotions.