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Wednesday, December 04, 2002


It's finals week. So I'm at my friend's borrowing her phone line doing research for the paper due tomorrow. It's so nice to have a friend. Too bad she doesn't have internet access. She says the internet is evil. Though she has her reasons. More on her when I get a chance to ramble someday.

Thanks to Seadoc for the following diversion during my studying....

My friend agrees that yep, that's me, and she got the same results. Good thing we use our powers for good instead of evil.....

Still don't have the kiddos Christmas lists together - will do that tomorrow between finals if I can. Biochem in the morning and Economics in the afternoon. Haven't been to class in a month so I'm screwed, but whatever. At least it'll be over.

Good thing for today: Car started. Long story.