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Tuesday, May 06, 2003


My dog ate the powercord to my laptop. Really. She did. So I ordered another one and it just got here. And I'm so happy to be back on my poor little laptop again. This thing is ancient (as computers go) and it really slow and cd drive only works on Thursdays when there's a full moon, but it's MINE and I love it. Until I can afford a new one anyway.

My oldest child is going under the knife after school lets out in a couple of weeks. Again. Hope this time will be alot easier than this time. But I'll still worry and worry and worry. Hey, I'm a mom.

My house is dump. I have been really depressed lately (not at all like me) and have zero motivation to do anything. A friend of mine came over last week and helped me clean up - she did the baseboards and washed the carpet and cleaned all the kiddos' toys. We both work at the hospital, our kids are roughly the same age, and go to the same schools, but we didn't meet until a couple of months ago when we were in a support group for parents of children with emotional problems. So it's nice to have a firend who understands. And so I've been hanging out with her when kids, schedules, and life in general permits.

No other news here. Just chugging along as usual.

Good thing for today: Oldest child still does not have learners permit. Was going to go today, but cancelled due to horrid weather.