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Monday, January 27, 2003

How I Spent SuperBowl Sunday...

Working, of course. So I didn't get to see the much-touted commercials that get more hype than the game. My dear friend, who also had to work, said she was shocked Tampa was in the Super Bowl. Apparently they used to be pretty bad? I don't follow American Football, so I guess I'm clueless. But all the other techs and nurses were talking about it. Me, I just sat at my bench did my job. It was pretty slow until the game was over and people started pouring into the ER.

In other news, I seem to have gotten some sort of nasty upper respiratory virus. I feel that there is some large mammal resting on my chest (when in fact there is only a small cat) and I've been slightly feverish all day. My children are being extra-horrible today in honor of my not feeling well, and to top it all off, I broke a tooth last night. I grind my teeth in my sleep, and this morning I discoverer that I had ground one of my molars in half. Guess I need to go try out that new dental insurance pretty soon. Anybody recommend a good dentist in North Alabama? I used to go to my ex's dentist, but I really don't like him.

Some good news, I should be able to file my taxes by Friday. WIth earned income credit, child care tax credit, and the fact that my new employer had my deductions screwed up till last month, I should be getting a nice, tidy sum back from the government. Thanks, Uncle Sam. After the dentist, I'll be looking for a new couch and entertainment center. Woo-Hoo!

I have to take that test I missed Thursday tomorrow, unless we get snowed in again. And my child is on hour two of homework, having only done one simple math problem. This child is a master of fiddling around.

Good thing for today: W-2s

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Snow Day!

We are snowed in today. YEs, we got maybe an inch of snow (if you fluff it up a bit) and the schools are closed. The kiddos and I are thrilled. I am missing an exam is cell biology, a quiz in lab, and I never finished the lab report that was due today. And it's bloody cold outside!!!! Even though the kiddos were thrilled to make snow angels and throw snow at each other, they wanted to come in after a few minutes.

What I find funny is, my Global Climate Change and Infectious Disease class is discussing global warming this week. My teacher (an true hippie - my dad would love him) said that the reason we are having such a cold winter (?) is because of global warming. OK. First of all, this winter, at least here, really isn't unusually cold for sustained periods of time. Unless my memory is failing, I do remember it being cold here in past winters. And second of all, HELLO, the climate is getting COLDER because of global WARMING? Guess I'll have to pick his brain a little more about that.

Be prepared for future rants about this teacher. HE sends 2-3 HUGE emails every day, and last week there was one strongly encouraging us to attend the local peace rally. He is totally anti-Bush, and, like I said before, a true hippie. He's my mum and dad's age, wears his hair down his back and tied back with a string of hemp, Birkenstock sandals, the whole bit. My dad - also a true hippie - would love this guy. I can say one thing for him, and my dad as well, at least they didn't become sell-outs.

Good thing for today: Snow!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Lucy, I'm Home...

Well, I'm back. Had to go back to Dublin for a bit, my dad's been ill. But he's OK now and I'm trying to convince him to come back to the states. But it was good to be home where people don't comment on my accent or ask where I'm from, though my oldest child did get quite a bit of it when we were across the pond. I spent the first half of December tring to get my life in order from finals, the last half trying to survive the holidays, then my dad fell ill and the first week of January I spent running around like mad trying to get passports for my little ones and arrange flights (thank GOD my mum helped with those) and all the other fun things that go along with international flights.

My dad's having heart problems, guess it comes fom the good Irish traditions of fatty foods, smoking, and let's not forget drinking. I just wish he would come back here. I hate the medical system over there. It seems so behind the times to me since I work in the hospital here.

Christmas was great, we survived the flights, my kids have now officially "travelled" and I am back at school, though only taking two classes since I just got in at the absolute last minute 1.5 weeks into classes. Today my phone was finally hooked back up, and though I should be catching up on studying, I'm not.

Though I do need to run get my little one (whe turned 5 right before we left) from pre-school.

Good thing for Today: I have a phone again!!!!!!!