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Thursday, March 20, 2003

That's Life

Well, the country is at war, my parents are re-living the 60's (my dad just phoned to tell me about all the "harmony" and "unity" he felt at a protest in Dublin today. Sheesh.) and they are coming down on me because I *gasp* actually support the war, or at least the troops fighting it, and honestly I'll be glad to see a nice democracy set up over there and the children not starving.

Anyway, my life sucks right now, but I don't want to deal with it. It's 9:30 on the Thursday before spring break starts, and I work the next four days straight.

But in some great news, Daniel Jackson is coming back to SG-1, so in honor him I present......

And though I mourn the loss of Farscape, there are worse things going on in the world than the loss of a TV show. But if you're a praying kind of person, pray for the troops and pray for me and my little ones. If you're not, send some happy thoughts my way (and cash donations are always appreciated).

Good thing for today: No American lives lost.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Dropping Out

I have decided to quit school. I am just so incredibly burned out, and I'm not doing well at all. So I've decided to go full time at work and just forget about the whole degree thing. On top of my ISP charging my account 3 times this past month and screwing up my account, I've bounced a bunch of checks and it's going to take me forever to play catch-up. I just can't deal with it anymore.

My best friend is going to start nursing school in the fall, and is begging me to join her. I dunno. I think I'd be a pretty good nurse, but I just wonder if it would be for me. The hospital I work in has a 5K sign-on bonus for new nurses, but I don't think it would apply to me because I already work there. But if I was a nurse, I could work just about anywhere as there are nursing shortages all over. And I would easily make 4x what I make now, even if I were just a floor nurse.

The down side of all that is of course, more school. And then there's all the gross stuff I'd have to deal with. I don't mind it in the lab - I only deal with tiny amounts of gross stuff there, but nurses have to deal with it all. And would it be better to do RN or LPN? I know RN's make more, but other that that I don't really know what the difference is.

Well, other than all that not much news. I have a horrible migraine so I'm going to bed....

Good thing for today: Re-arranged my room and it's beautiful.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

I am a freak

With everything going on in my life, and life generally falling apart in places and going well in others, I have decided that tonight I'll say screw it all and enjoy some escapism, Tolkein-style (what other kind of escapism is there?).

Legolas is my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

Yes, I love Legolas. And Frodo.

Frodo's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

Also am watching the "trailer" for The Hobbit or at least trying desperately to download it on this horribly slow connection that keeps cutting out.

Good thing for today:house still relatively clean.