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Sunday, August 03, 2003

In 5 days all of my kids will be in school. All day. Every day. I know alot of moms sending their last kid to Kindergarten are probably sad. But I am overjoyed!!! On days I don't have school or work I can clean (and have it stay that way 'till at least 3:00pm), I can watch whatever I want on TV, or listen to whatever I want on the radio, take a shower, use the bathroom, or just take a nap without anybody pounding on the door and whining.

I love my kids - I really do, it's just that for the last three plus years I've been raising them alone, and rarely had any time to myself. And the summer has been VERY long for me. What with moving and being sick and all, I just want some time to myself, where I can just be myself and not mom or lab lady.

Speaking of the lab... they have closed "my lab" and moved us all to the main hospital. Which I think is very ill-planned. Yes, we are moving, so is our equipment for the most part, but the lab at the main hospital is already cramped. It also means that I'll probably have to start drawing labs again instead of just running them. Bummer. I'd rather sit behind a bench all day than try to find veins in a dehydrated old man going through DTs. Oh well, at least it's a job, and the benefits are pretty good. The nurses drew most of the labs at the hospital I was working at, still will actually. Now they will tube them to us, and if the tubes are down then they'll put them in a special lock box where we'll come and get them. And labs that can't be tubed will go in the lock box all the time. Just like splitting the intensive care nursery between two hospitals, I wonder who the brain trust is tat thinks of these things.

Next I guess the pharmacy will go. I mean, why have tow pharmacies when we have a tube system? Oh well. At least I won't have to ride the tram over when I go to get lunch anymore, and my best friend works in the neonatal nursery, so she spends half of her work days at the main campus anyway. And she's right down the hall instead of two floors up, so I'm sure we'll find lots of trouble to get into together.

Well, we're off to bed. Open house at school tomorrow, not to mention marathon cleaning since the ex is supposed to stop by this week to be there for my baby's first day of school. (Yes, that is the sound of me gagging.....)