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Thursday, April 29, 2004

I haven't posted in forever - mainly because I haven't had a phone. And now I have one, but I am going away. I'm getting married!!!! I can;t believe it myself, but yes, I'm marrying a guy a dated for awhile. He moved away, but we kept in touch. We got engaged over Christmas, and we will be joining our families in early June. No big thing, just a trip to Gatlinburg and we'll have a "family honeymoon" with the 5 kids we'll have between us. I guess I'm finally getting a son!! and another daughter. So now I'll have two teenagers, and kids in grades 3,2,and 1. Amazing.

So for the three of you who used to read here, God Bless. I don't forsee having much time to do anything, what with moving to Nashville and settling in, getting to know my step-kids, and all that. I wish I could keep a journal of all that, but maybe we'll get internet access and I'll be back someday.

And a big shout out to my best friend who has recently come back on-line at my urging. And here I am saying good-bye to the on-line world again. Though this time of my own choosing.

Well, I have to say goodbue to my sweetie and send him back across state lines, then off to work.....